Here at LKH Production, we are proud of how we have always supported the art world in as many respects as we can. The love and admiration of artists is also our first priority when we do our business. We would ensure that our works of art will never infringe the rights of intellectual property, as well as the trademarks of other businesses, authors, other vendors on the market, rather than the trademarks of other ones from our team.

Several international treaties on intellectual property have been spread across continents, but each of them is distinct from the other. We take some of them as instances, however, as follows:

First of all, the TRADEMARK LAW, which forbids the creation and use of distinctive symbols, designs or logos in terms of words, figures, shapes used to distinguish a good from another.

The second is the law of COPYRIGHT, which would guarantee the development of an original idea captured in a tangible medium, such as photography or wall painting, as well as literary works such as stories and poems.

The third is the PUBLICITY RIGHTS used to protect the name , image or likeness of a specific individual. More specifically, this law prevents a person from using the identity of another person in order to gain a commercial advantage without prior authorisation.

The last one is NOTE ON FAIR USE. "Fair use" is a very difficult word to understand, particularly for experts. This ensures that you will be able to incorporate the copyright or trademark of someone else into your own work, such that you do so in such a way as to be called "fair use" or in such a way as to qualify as another legitimate usage. However, the concept of "fair use" is not the same across nations, so even if you assume that you have created a work that is entitled to "fair use" or other legitimate usage, you should obtain a lawyer's opinion before using it in accordance with the LKH Production service. In the event that we obtain any details on potential infringement issues, we need to start work no matter what.